Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Highlights

Hillary Clinton is not a name that’s unfamiliar to all US citizens, since she has served 2 (two) terms as co-president of the US.  Now her goal is to the President of the United States, without taking a back seat to anyone.

Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic candidate for president of the United States. She confirmed her candidacy on April President Bill Clinton2015, and formally received the nomination of the Democratic Party on July 2016, at the Democratic National Convention.

She has been on the political stage since 1991 when her husband, former-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton, initiated his presidential campaign, eventually defeating President George W. Bush in the general election in November 1992. Hillary Clinton was a very politically active first lady paying attention on children’s welfare and women’s concerns. During Bill Clinton’s first term, Hillary led an unsuccessful effort to create universal healthcare coverage in the US. She also promoted the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

In 2000, Hillary Clinton hastened a successful campaign for the U.S. Senate in New York, becoming the only first lady to succeed an elective office. She served on the Senate Armed Services Committee, supported a decree to authorize military force in Iraq in 2002 and made effort to secure billions in emergency funds for New York in the stir of the September 11 terrorist attacks. She then won a 2nd term in the Senate in 2006.

Hillary Clinton started her first presidential campaign on 2007. In the early months of the Democratic primary, she led former-Senator Barack Obama and John Edwards in national polls, but was almost defeated by B. Obama after some losses in states like Iowa and North Carolina. In her speech on June 2008, H. Clinton noted the significant nature of her performance.

A month after Barack Obama won the general election; he announced that Hillary Clinton would take part in his cabinet as secretary of state. While standing as the nation’s top diplomat from 2009-2013, she used a private email server to carry out official state business, raising questions about her conformity with government regulations on data-keeping and security that have trailed her throughout her 2nd presidential run.

She formally received the Democratic Party’s presidential selection on July 2016, after defeating U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in a narrowly contested primary. In doing so, Hillary became the first female to be nominated for president by a major political party in the US.


  • Hillary Clinton served as the junior US senator from New York from 2001 – 2009 and secretary of state from 2009 – 2013.
  • Hillary Clinton beforehand ran for president in 2008. She was defeated by Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.
  • Hillary Clinton has described herself as a progressive and stressed working across party lines to achieve policy change.

Hillary Clinton on the Issues

Abortion – She believes abortion rights are protected by the Constitution, but she says the gov’t should try to minimize the number of abortions through improved sex education and better access to birth control. She has admired religious groups for promoting abstinence.

Church & State – She alleged she was opposed to allowing teachers to post the Ten Commandments in schools, saying it was a violation of the constitution during her 2000 Senate campaign. However, she has also said that spiritual political officials should not have to hide their religion.

Death Sentence – She is a supporter of the death penalty. She co-sponsored part of the Justice for All Act, which supplies funding for DNA testing of convicted persons and establishes a DNA testing process for persons sentenced to the death penalty under federal law.

Hillary Clinton Presidential CampaignEconomic Affairs & Government Regulations – She has stated that she would increase taxes on the top earners —those earning more than $732,000 per year—while leaving tax rates the same for payers with smaller incomes. She would also get rid of tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and invest revenue raised from changing the corporate tax code into projects that encourage economic growth. Hillary supports the re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau action to end unfair practices. She would authorize large banks to fail if there were another financial crisis and would oblige a risk fee on big banks that engage in risky behavior. She is in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Education – She favors augmented funding for public schools, and against are against vouchers for private schools. She says voucher programs promote divided communities.

Environment – She is an associate of the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works. She recommends generating an energy fund with profits from oil-companies, with those proceeds being used to develop alternative energy sources.

Foreign Affairs & National Security – She believes in American exceptionalism and backs for the U.S. acting as a leader in world affairs. She supports the Iran nuclear deal but takes a “distrust and verify” approach to its enforcement. Hillary Clinton also supports a 360-degree strategy to conquer ISIS that is focused on identifying the group of people who fund ISIS, cutting off recruitment, creating firm screenings for visa applicants who have traveled to a Islamic State-controlled areas in the last few years, authorizing the use of military force against ISIS, and working with Muslim/American communities to battle domestic radicalization.

From 2009 – 2013, She served as secretary of state. She applied the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia, which required refocusing diplomatic attention on East Asia and the Pacific, and the retune of US-Russia relations. She also supported military involvement in Libya, resulting in the acknowledgment of Muammar Gaddafi. In 2012, 4 (four) Americans were killed during a terrorist attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, leading to a congressional investigation of how the State and other executives handled the attack.

Clinton on the Iran Nuclear Deal – On January 2016, after Iran released Americans that the country had imprisoned, which coincided with the implementation of the nuclear deal, Hillary Clinton said the following statement: “I am greatly relieved by the safe return of American prisoners from Iran. Their families and our country have waited and prayed for this day to come. I also welcome the full implementation of the nuclear agreement, an important achievement of diplomacy backed by pressure. Implementation marks an important step forward in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran has dismantled centrifuges, disabled a reactor, and shipped out almost all of its enriched uranium. These are important steps that make the United States, our allies, and the entire world safer. I congratulate President Obama and his team, and I’m proud of the role I played to get this process started. But we shouldn’t thank Iran for the prisoners or for following through on its obligations. These prisoners were held unjustly by a regime that continues to threaten the peace and security of the Middle East. As President, my approach will be to distrust and verify. I will vigorously enforce the nuclear deal as part of a comprehensive strategy that confronts all of Iran’s negative actions in the region and stand side-by-side with our ally Israel and our Arab partners.

Gay Marriage – She is in opposition to same-sex marriage but supports civil unions. In the US Senate, she contrasted amending the Constitution to disallow gay marriage.

Health Care – She is a fan of universal health care that would provide government health insurance to all American citizens. Clinton has said that she expects to make health care a top subject in the next election.

Immigration – She supports immigration development, believing it should be founded on strengthening America’s borders and executing new enforcement laws. She also supports providing a way for illegal workers to become legal citizens.

Poverty – She voted to raise the federal minimum wage. She has blamed the Bush Administration of turning the middle class into invisible Americans, and pronounces if she is elected president, they (invisible Americans) will no longer be invisible.

Stem Cell Research – She supports stem cell research. She co-sponsored the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, which was vetoed by President George Bush.

I’m in and I’m in to win. ~ Hillary Clinton

It was that simple speech, posted on her campaign Website, that begun the much anticipated presidential campaign of New York Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton. If elected, she will become the first woman president in US history.

Hillary Clinton brings an impressive resume. As a former First Lady, she has name recognition in her favor. She has a national system of supporters, the ability to raise large sums of money, and a long history of political movement.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisors and staff

Hillary ClintonThe staff & advisors for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are a combination of longtime Clinton advisors and newer staff—like LaDavia Drane and Maya Harris. Although Hillary Clinton formally declared her candidacy on April 2015, she already had a large team of available staff and advisors from her long career in politics. Many high-profile spot in the campaign were filled with advisors who had worked for former President Bill Clinton. Pollster and chief strategist Joel Benenson did comparable work in the Clinton administration, while John Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff.

Hillary Clinton also pulled from her State Department and Senate staff for her early campaign hires. Former body person and deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin has been with Hillary since she was first lady, while foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan worked with Hillary Clinton in the State Department and on her 2008 campaign.

Yet for all the staff members with deep connection to Clinton, the 2016 campaign staff is notable for its comparative newcomers. In 2007, The Washington Post depicted her loop of advisors—known as “Hillaryland” since her days as first lady—as a “closely knit Praetorian Guard around Clinton that schemes strategy, grows message and clamps down on leaks.” The 2016 campaign less comfortably fits the “Hillaryland” cast. The most notable addition is campaign manager Robby Mook, whose campaign approach is to test everything, query assumptions and let data drive things.” The additions of Marlon Marshall and Jim Margolis, both of whom used similar campaigning techniques with Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, add to the newer feel of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign commence was meant to show a different side of Hillary — a soft, humble, not power-hungry version of her.

She was trying to shift the public’s attention away from her scandal-filled days in Arkansas and as first lady, her connections, the Clinton Foundation’s disputed fundraising and her role as diplomatic field general for a terrible foreign policy. Hillary Clinton’s campaign not only wanted to leave the old Hillary behind, but to distance her from President Barack Obama as well.

Yet on a serious issue — executive branch power grabs — Hillary Clinton cannot leave her past behind.


Young Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Hair

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